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About Us

       We believe that weddings are a social celebration of a very sacred commitment.  We feel honored to be participants in every wedding we shoot and treat both the day and the people involved with the highest level of respect.  Most of all, weddings are a day filled with beauty and magic that emerges effortlessly.  We believe our job is to capture that magic in the most authentic way - unobtrusively, honestly, joyfully.

       We are a cutting edge photography studio, offering the most recent advances in the photography field.  We are always well versed in the latest wedding trends and bride preferences.  Our approach is contemporary and always in the best of taste.  We strive for the perfect combination of timeless elegance and fresh style.

       Our focus is on journalistic style photography.  We limit the number of posed and staged photographs and try instead to highlight the laughter, tears, and passion that you and your guests will be feeling without our heavy involvement.  We understand that each couple is unique in their style, personality, and biography and strive to produce images that reflect that individuality.  The era of assembly line coverage and common, ordinary albums is over.  We understand our client’s need for exclusive, classic products and exceed their expectations.  We represent the grace, distinction, and style that is possible in wedding photography.